(For clarity: We do NOT make any claim to making rain fall on non-rainy days)

  • Enabling confident commercial decision-making around rainfall enhancement
  • Effecting increased rainfall through aerosol ionization – a catalyst to cloud droplet growth

Results from three years of trials in Oman

Year Estimated Enhancement Probability of a positive enhancement
2013 18 per cent 99 per cent
2014 33 per cent 90 per cent
2015 20 per cent 99.9 per cent
2013-14 18.5 per cent 99 per cent
2013-15 18 per cent 99.9 per cent

*The 2014 results show a particularly high enhancement with lower statistical probability. We believe it is more useful to disregard this particularly high figure and to look to the 2013-2014 and 2013-2015 combined data results.

Australian Rain Technologies (ART) is pioneering statistical analysis to enable commercially effective decision-making in the area of rainfall enhancement. This statistical methodology is being applied to ART’s own ATLANT™ rainfall enhancement through ionisation technology. However it is equally applicable to chemical cloud-seeding, which has been hampered by inconclusive trial analysis for 70 years.

In particular the University of Wollongong has applied this analytical method across multiple trials of ART’s ATLANT™ ’ rainfall enhancement through ionisation technology in Australia and Oman. (See summary in Statistical Methodology and full description of methodology in trial reports in Resources)

In all cases rainfall enhancement was identified at high levels of statistical confidence. Enhancement ranged from 10 per cent (90 per cent statistical confidence level) in three trials in South Australia to 18 per cent (99 per cent statistical confidence level) in three trials in Oman. ART is now in the third year of a five-year trial program in Oman 2014-2018

Such results, if repeated in multiple locations throughout the world, would represent a major complement to current expensive and unpalatable water supply augmentation methodologies.

We have spent nine years putting together a world-leading spatial statistical and econometric evaluation team as we pursued our path to rigorous demonstration of efficacy.

We have learnt from 70 years of frustrating and often contradictory traditional weather modification trials since World War II.

We hope this website leads you to share our keen appetite for providing applicable results from rainfall enhancement trials. And for investigating ATLANT™’s potential in all areas of water shortage around the world.