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Watch "New Ways to Water" An overview of the technology and scientific evaluation

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ART maintains an open-access policy to its analysis of the results of completed trials and the associated economic analysis, including the data obtained from trials and independent reviews.


Download a range of journal articles, reports, analysis and further information about ART and trials of the Atlant technology.

Published Articles

  • download
    Statistical Modelling of Rainfall Enhancement
    Published in Volume 42 of the Journal of Weather Modification
  • download (2.1MB) Using Dynamically Defined Control Areas to Evaluate the Impact of Cloud Ionization Technology
    Published Volume 44 of the Journal of Weather Modification
  • download (0.65MB) A random effect block bootstrap for clustered data
    Published in the Volume 22 of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
  • download (416KB) Rainfall Enhancement in the Hajar Mountains, Oman
    Poster presented at the 95th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting
  • download (0.8MB) Measuring the impact of economic benefits of rainfall enhancement in multiple use water catchments
    Presented at the International Seminar on Use of Unconventional Water in Urban Management
  • download (91KB) Uncertainty and the Economics Implications of Weather Modification – Integrating Hypothesis Testing into BenefitCost Analysis Presented at the 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification
  • download (3MB) Chambers, R., Beare, S., Peak, S. and Al-Kalbani, M (2016). Using ground-based ionisation to enhance rainfall in the HajarMountains, Oman. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 9:491: DOI 10.1007/s12517-016-2515-6.


  • download (3.27MB) Estimation of Weather Modification Effects
    International Patent Wo 2011094802 A1

Analyses of applications and economic benefits of rainfall enhancement

  • download
    Trials of the Atlant ionisation rainfall-enhancement technology in Australia and proposal for trials in the Murray-Darling Basin
    Submission made to the Standing Committee on Regional Australia
  • download
    An Economic Analysis of the Net Benefits of Extended Rainfall Enhancement Trials of Atlant
    Independent report by Analytecon Pty Ltd
  • download
    Additional Information on Australia Rain and the Atlant technology
    Includes potential areas of application, technology overview and evaluation and review personnel

Trial reports